We have everything you see here in store!


From my hands, to yours, I take great pride and joy in hand crafting each and every mold and planter, there's something here for everyone so please stay and have a look around! - Natalie




These crafts are cool for their unique style and dimensions and I like the look of them myself personally, so if you are interested in these I can definitely make them for you!



I carry midcentury modern ceramic indoor black and white planters. I also carry a select few plants here. I love easy maintenance plants with good energy. Succulents, Cacti, and Airplants. Some indoor favorites of mine are fiddle leaf fig, elephant ears, philadrendrum, and sanservia. I also have light weight Fiber Clay pots available that are modern and instant gratification. You can throw them in your car and go!



Dinosaurs I upcycle kids toys and turn them into Air plant and succulent vessels. I also make miniature ones that are very popular. I can make them with faux plants or real!                                                        


Skulls I love skulls. I make many different shapes, styles, and sizes. I love to turn them into planters. I can drill custom holes in them to accommodate a succulent, cactus, or air plants. I also like to take skulls and turn them into art pieces that are hand painted and add gems, flowers, and more to make them one of a kind. If you have a special request just let me know!



I do not make them but I love Acapulco chairs. They are manufactured in Mexico. They are UV resistant and have solid cast iron bases. They come in many different colors shapes and sizes. I have avocado shaped, round, sofas for kids and adults. I also have barstools and bar tables!



We also make custom wood pot stands (very popular and stylish). A.Silvestri Co make amazing modern heavy concrete planters that are strong and stylish).



I make molds out of laytex, silicone, eco flex and  poly urethane . I buy all  my materials locally at Douglas and Sturgess in San Francisco. I enjoy working with plaster, concrete, resin, and soap and candle making. I mix everything by hand or with my drill. If it is beyond my capacity I ask our factory to make it. They mix large quantities of concrete and can accommodate heavy pieces. I can cast your hand, body parts and more. I make custom molds too. Let me know if you have a request. Someone wanted their butt casted to  give to someone as a gift!


I designed a few pieces of concrete furniture with a sculptor. He made the molds out of fiberglass and we cast them at our factory in South San Francisco. I make bistro tables, side tables, and modern bench legs. I can basically make anything you desire. If you have something you want made send me you pictures, tell me your idea, come and see me and we can figure out a way to do it. Also if you need an original piece sculpted I can arrange for that too.