About Urban Concrete

Urban Concrete History

Hi my name is Natalie Rose De Ranieri. Thank you for your interest in what I do! I grew up in a mold making, statue making company that has been open for 62 years called A.Silvestri Company. As a girl I was placed in the retail and sales position. I knew that there was more for me to offer. I began decorating and ordering things I liked to resell. I knew that modern style was my passion. It wasn’t until my Nonno Luigi passed away that the idea of me learning how to make molds and cast myself came into my brain. At first I wanted our factory to do it for me but they are busy and didn’t have time to deal with my requests. I am a DIY kind of person and maker so I took a mold making class at the Crucible in Oakland. I also picked our mold makers brain at the factory. His name is Miguel and has been making our big fountain, statue, and pot molds since I was born(32 years ago). He calls me tortura(torture) and I call him PROFESOR(teacher).  My first mold was of a pot and it did not work well at all(I made it at the crucible). Then I made a candle holder and it was a success. Next I took a risk and made a mold of a skull which I didn’t know if people would like it. I remember selling my 1st one and I knew I was on to something. I kept making a few molds at a time and casting them. I have since made over 100 molds.


Urban Concrete’s Moto

I love new fashion/style trends. Things that are up to date and modern. I love clean lines and simple. I also incorporate busy old fashioned things and make them new again with a fresh color or tweak it. My product is great for gifts, decorating your home, apartment, bathroom, garden, office, desk, and more. I make quality, unique, attainable, stylish pieces for you to enjoy. If I cannot make it but I love something I will source it out and make it available at Urban Concrete. My personality is very colorful, imaginative, and has a sense of humor. I apply that to many things that I make.


Craft Fairs, Art Shows, and Festivals

I love to load up my truck and set up at various events around the Bay Area and Los Angeles. I hope to travel to Florida, New York, Chicago, and more in the future. Some of my favorite events are Renegade San Francisco and Los Angeles. Patchwork Long Beach and Oakland at Jack London Square. Girl Gang Craft. SF made, Etsy Emporium, Hayes Valley, Molcajete and more. I love the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival, Berkley Holiday Street Faire and I plan on being more active and consistent in the future. Also Treasure Island Flea Market